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Shruthz and Preetz

Hello Peeps,

We are Shruthi and Preetham from Karnataka, India. We are passionate about travelling, painting, volunteering, and are documenting our life experiences in our travel blog- "lifeoutsidecubicle.com".

We strive to earn descent money, descent enough to create a life that makes us to wake up everyday and look forward for the rest of the day. We travel to different places, meet different people, and try our best to understand different cultures. We volunteer at times and teach children. We spend a lot of time with our families and with few once-in-a-lifetime friends we treasure. We make time for every other little thing that matters to us. We define our success by the amount of JOY that pumps through our hearts.

Any questions or feedback, feel free to drop a comment. We are happy to connect.




A Note about Us



Information Security Engineer

I studied Computer Science Engineering, started my career with lecturing, then joined a MNC where Information Security happened to me by chance. I have grown to admire my job and found endless list of passions which keeps me happily sane.



Physical Design Engineer

I studied Instrumentation Technology, started my career as an Electrical Engineer, then took u-turn to become a PD Engineer. I love my job and I love a lot of other things which makes life a memorable ride.

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