Love on the Road – It happens…

Our handmade wedding invite Our handmade wedding invite

About this Blog: One question a traveler cannot escape is – What about finding love on the road? Some may find love and some may not, however almost everyone will definitely find some great friends while on road. This blog is about me finding my husband through our journeys together as strangers to best friends.

There are different ways to find love – some people find their sweethearts while in college. Some people go to parties to drink and mingle with new people. Some just stay at home swiping right across dating apps. Others, prefer match-making sites like and some even leave it to fate or an arranged marriage scenario.

Finding the love of your life really depends upon individual choices. You can’t just pinpoint something and say that’s the best place to find your right match. We all adapt to things differently and we all have different perspective and views when it comes to this wonderful, miraculous and crazy little thing called “Love”.

Love on the Road

1. Sar Pass – Himachal Pradesh

Three years ago when I went on a Himalayan Trek to Sar Pass I never thought I would eventually fall in love with a charming man. Little did I know, my first venture to travel with strangers will turn out to be the best decision I have ever made in my life.


2. McLeod Ganj and Amritsar

It was my first time going out with just acquaintances. I was eager, excited and curious about everything around me. From a handmade book to a carved chess set, everything caught my attention. I wanted to buy little souvenirs for everyone back home and he stood beside me with a smile wondering at my crazy shopping spree.

When I was awestruck at the Wagah-Attari Border Ceremony and was wanting to click a photo near the border gate, he graciously made way across the bustling crowds and ensured that I got my prized picture. I felt incredibly happy to have someone around who understands my urges and passions.


3. Coffees and Bengaluru

Casual calls, WhatsApp forwards, meeting over coffees, and conversations surrounding treks, travel, and life experiences; we felt like kindred spirits. And yes, we talked a lot about coffee.

Love on the Road - We found a friend in each other over evening coffees at Bengaluru
Love on the Road – We found a friend in each other over evening coffees at Bengaluru

4. Thailand Travel

Both of us had Thailand in our bucket list. We both were not interested in clubbing or drinking. Both needed vegetarian food. Neither of us had Pattaya or any other touristy hubs in our itinerary. Thus happened our memorable trip to Thailand – where we spent time exploring the historical sites of Ayuthayya, tribal villages of Chiang Rai, night safari and white temple of Chiang Mai. We shopped till 1 AM and stayed up till 3 AM pouring our hearts out about everything and nothing. Having a like-minded travel companion changes a normal plan in to something amazing.


5. Kedarkantha Trek

During the entire trek, he was mostly helping the elderly in the group and I was mostly with different people doing different things. It was Dec 31, 2016 and he sang a beautiful Kannada Song for the group. He didn’t say, but I knew it was a dedication for me, signifying his faith in friendship more than anything else. Lost in his beautiful voice and the soulful rendition, I literally forgot to breathe for a minute.

Love on the Road - We realized that we understand each other beyond words while climbing the peaks of Kedarkantha.
Love on the Road – We realized that we understand each other beyond words while climbing the peaks of Kedarkantha.

6. Airport and Marriage

We both were best friends, we used confide in each other, we shared almost everything over calls, and we trusted one another for suggestions. And we never noticed this pattern.

Over a long conversation and a cup of coffee at Airport, there was a slow build-up of tension between the two of us. It seemed we both knew that we had something great and if none of us took a chance, it would be a lost cause. We had to choose between the red and the blue pill. And we are glad that we did not settle for the blue pill.

Love on the Road - Now crazily, happily married together
Love on the Road – Now crazily, happily married together

When you meet someone extraordinary

and fall in love,

Everything in this ordinary world feels so much more poetic and beautiful.

This is our travel story. Ours was not a love at first sight, or probably it was. However, we realized that we love each other and cannot let go of each other when we looked back at all our memories and connected the dots.

Your story will be different. Pack your bags, be yourself, and do not overthink. Keep your heart open for new experiences and to the people you meet on the road. You may or may not find the love of your life, but you will surely find some great friendships and some life-altering moments.

Have you fallen in love while you were on the road? Share your story in the comments. Would love to read your experiences.